ALLY® Refill Report Program

You can use the following resources in ALLY to help your patients stay on track with CAYSTON


ALLY provides communication options and alerts to help patients with the following:

  • Overdue refills
  • Reimbursement issues

Alerts will be identifiable on the portal’s “My Patients” page and sent via email to the primary ALLY contact.

ALLY Refill Report Website


With e-enrollment in ALLY, you can:

  • Enroll your patients into CAP
  • Send their CAYSTON prescription directly to CAP instead of faxing


ALLY’s online portal stores prescription and refill data, which is updated regularly. You will be able to use ALLY to view important information such as:

  • Insurance details
  • Dispensed data
  • CAP status updates
  • CAP documentation


How you can participate in this program

By enrolling in ALLY, you will receive the CAYSTON refill reports for patients who are enrolled in CAP.

1. Opt In

You will need to register to participate. The online registration can be found here: HCP Portal

2. Encourage Your Patients to Enroll

The Cayston Access Program will send you a list of your patients who are already enrolled in the Cayston Access Program.

If your patient is not already enrolled in the Cayston Access Program, patients can enroll at any time by calling 1-877-7CAYSTON. Enrollment forms can be found below.

3. Receive Reports

Reports will be available through a secure online portal accessible at any time or by faxed report sent monthly.

A personalized refill report will be mailed on a quarterly basis to each patient enrolled in the Cayston Access Program.

Data available through online healthcare provider portal
  • If you choose this option, the Cayston Access Program will provide you with access to a secure online healthcare provider portal
  • The online portal will provide access to refill history data for all your patients who are enrolled in the Cayston Access Program
Data available through faxed refill report
  • Each refill report includes refill history data on an individual patient enrolled in the Cayston Access Program. If you choose this option, reports for each patient will be faxed to you on a monthly basis
Ways to help patients stay on treatment as prescribed
  • Use the refill reports to help facilitate a discussion with your patients and uncover issues they may be facing with taking their treatments
  • Remind patients why they are taking CAYSTON and of their treatment goals
    • Review the clinical study data regarding efficacy and safety
  • Provide patients with the CAYSTON Refill Calendar to review start and end dates for their prescribed CAYSTON courses and remind them about ordering refills

Cayston Access Program Forms

For enrollment with CAP, complete the following enrollment form with your patients. Fax the enrollment form to the Cayston Access Program at 1-877-550-1705.

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