The CAYSTON Access Program (CAP) offers a central point of contact to help patients access CAYSTON and Altera® Nebulizer System resources

Specialty Pharmacies
Financial Assistance
CAYSTON Access Program Forms
  • Simplified enrollment process
  • Verify health insurance benefits
  • Clarify co-payment obligations and assess coverage for CAYSTON
  • Connect patients to specialty pharmacies dispensing CAYSTON
  • For more information call 1-877-7CAYSTON
Specialty Pharmacies
Financial Assistance

Co-Pay Coupon Programs for Most Patients With Commercial Insurance

Several support programs may be available for patients that require assistance for access to their prescription.

CAYSTON Co-Pay Coupon Program

Patients with private insurance may be eligible to pay no more than $10 per fill. No monthly limit, but capped at 7 fills per calendar year up to a maximum value of $8000 annually.


Altera co-pay coupon Program

Patients on CAYSTON may be eligible to save up to $430 when they pay a $10 co-pay for purchase of an Altera Nebulizer System or Altera replacement unit. Patients are eligible to receive up to 2 per year.


  • Enrolled in the CAYSTON Access Program
  • Not enrolled in a government healthcare prescription drug program such as Medicare Part D or Medicaid, including in the Medicare Part D coverage gap known as the "donut hole"
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Referrals to independent co-pay foundations*:

  • Eligible patients who require financial assistance may receive benefits through a co-pay coupon program.
  • Patients can access a reimbursement specialist who can assist them with benefit and insurance issues.

Beneficiaries of government drug coverage programs are excluded from eligibility.

  • Gilead co-pay coupon provides assistance to eligible commercially insured patients who are not enrolled in government healthcare prescription drug programs, such as Medicare Part D and Medicaid.
  • Medicare Part D enrollees, while in the prescription drug coverage gap (the "donut hole"), are not eligible for the co-pay coupon.
CAYSTON Access Program Forms

For enrollment with CAP, complete the following enrollment form with your patients. Fax the enrollment form to the CAYSTON Access Program at 1-877-550-1705.

Patient Enrollment Form
Gilead does not control or set financial assistance criteria.
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CAP has dedicated customer service representatives by region to support your patients.
You can reach a representative at: 1-877-7CAYSTON