The Altera Nebulizer System delivers CAYSTON quickly and quietly

  • Specifically designed to deliver CAYSTON
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Small, quiet, and portable
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Altera Co-pay Coupon Program may be available
Altera Nebulizer System

Multiple handsets can be disinfected all at once at the end of the day

Patients will receive a new Altera Nebulizer Handset* with each shipment of CAYSTON. To save time, patients with multiple handsets can use a different one for each of their daily doses, wash them after use, but wait to disinfect them all at once at the end of the day.

* Patients will receive 2 handsets in first shipment, then 1 handset every other shipment.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

To reduce the risk of infection and ensure proper operation, the Altera Nebulizer Handset should be cleaned after each use and disinfected before it’s used again.

Disassemble the Altera Nebulizer Handset and rinse its parts under warm, running tap water to clean it.

Allow Altera Nebulizer Handset to dry.

Disinfect the Altera Nebulizer Handset by boiling it in distilled water or using Control III®, a chemical disinfectant.

Patients with multiple Altera Nebulizer Handsets may disinfect them all at once.

Patients should clean and dry their Altera Nebulizer Handset (or Handsets) as soon as possible after each use.


“I like having a battery-powered nebulizer; I can take it with me when I need to and I don't need an electric outlet to set up.”

–Sam, CAYSTON patient, age 34