CAYSTON provided results you can measure by improvement in FEV1 (L)

Mean percent change in FEV1 (L) was a prespecified secondary endpoint in AIR-CF1. Click here to review the study design.

CAYSTON demonstrated a significant improvement in FEV1 (L) lung function with a placebo-adjusted treatment effect of 10% (95% CI: 6%, 14%) on Day 28.

FEV1 lung function chart

Two weeks after completion of drug treatment, the difference in FEV1 between CAYSTON and placebo groups continued but decreased to 6% (95% CI: 2%, 9%).

Kevin, CAYSTON user

“When I'm on CAYSTON, I notice a positive difference in my coughing and see a boost in my lung function.”

–Kevin, CAYSTON patient, age 43